Thursday, January 31, 2008

Open Wide the Door

I haven't been blogging this month, because I have been away in the upper plains state the past two weeks.
You see, on January 15,
my 19 year old, gifted, talented, wonderfully beloved nephew hung himself in his mother's (my sister's) garage.
This suicide has blew us all to pieces.
There is so much to say about the experience...and yet I have no words. Right now, at least....
and yet life goes on, time keeps passing....

Aric had a tatoo on his back. A picture of wooden doors open, with a prayer: "Open wide the door, to whatever makes me love You more."

People have been abundant in generousity and kindness...

I am struck, how many people's lives, families...have suicide death in them.

I hate the word suicide...the way it what it is.

Back to planning a women's retreat that I am leading tomorrow.

I will unpack more of this later.

Friday, January 04, 2008

just today is my beloved and my 5th anniversary. How wonderful is that? I am in awe that through all of the life circumstances, job changes, major move, and the challenges that committed, married relationships offer, that I can't imagine life any other way, with any other person. It's like we have known each other forever...and yet, every day is new and great and comfortable and exciting. What a blessing.
Deep gratitude all the way down. Amen.