Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I have moved over to ....

Amazing Bongos

Just a change. Still working on the layout, but everything is pretty much the same as it used to be. Come and visit!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

thinking bout changing my blog...

I have been thinking about changing my blog name. The title, I mean.
When I first started the blog,"earthensoul" I was in a full-time pottery degree class. I also had a tiny Lilly grant that funded my first semester, so, I wanted to write about the connections with clay, earth, and my soul, spirit, faith.

I love that. but did you know that "earthensoul" is some weird character on some weird witchy (don't get me wrong, I love Wiccans) game site...and also a new-agy name for spirituality and childbirth site....

So, this is my question. If I switch to a different blog, do I go away from Blogger? Can I still be a revgal? How does that work?
Is there a better "blog" program that I would like? Would I know the difference?

I am thinking of two names: Broken Bowl and con Alma (which means with soul) or La Tierra con Alma which is earth with soul in Spanish, but I don't really speak Spanish.

I am not good at this naming stuff.

Opine away!

Monday, August 10, 2009

national art day at my house!

it is monday.
it is my day off.
it is not yet 10 o clock am
and I have done all I really need to do for now--
(o.k. not true, but the kitchen is mopped, scrubbed, and cleaned, bed made,
living room picked up, and the professional junk removers have already been here to removed a pile of dirt in our driveway that was growing flowers --don't ask--and the dead fridge in the basement. so what about those other errands...and exercise? don't ask)
in any case, after I take my dear doggies for a spin through the neighborhood, today becomes officially national art day at my house. I am going to make some tiles and bowls and platters in the basement and I am going to collect all my sources that inspire me and put them in a beautiful scrap book and I am going to make a bracelet or two and maybe some earrings.
just because I want to.
and because the floors have been mopped,
and the dirt is gone.

I love days off.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

this whole enough thing is working....

I might not be getting all the nitty gritty chores done,
but choosing to not do one more thing before I...whatever, fill in the blank....is lovely.
I might be making myself too "calm" though....;-)

My other thought for the day.
Beloved was out of town for five days. When either of us leave the nest, it is a lot of work to keep up with the menagarie, but that is a given.

What isn't a given, though, is that by about the end of the third day, I am deplorably tired and lonely--even though I interact with friends, talk with neighbors, catch up on emails, whatever. Not tired from the work, but just feeling like a piece of me has been missing too long. It's like I can't do anything except what I have to...(which is plenty). Monday and Tuesday were LOOOOONG, and I felt depleted. Less than five minutes after picking up Beloved at the airport, I felt like I could take on the world. Sigh. I am so amazingly blessed.

That's it for now. Off to order Sunday School Curriculum.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


this week
my goal... Or should I say practice?
my practice is going to be to give myself enough time. Often I try to squeeze in so much into my minutes that I end up rushed and unaware.
I've started this morning.
I printed my sermon, etc last night. (yes I usually wait til Sunday am just to give the Spirit more time :-)
this morning has been so full and reflective and it is just 8 am.
I want to explore this more, but right now I am going to finish getting ready so I can get to church early to give myself enough time there!

Joy comes in the morning , holy One...
May your joy be complete in me this morning.

Friday, July 31, 2009

wet and soggy

I spent way too much time at the studio. Well, I loved it, but I had a few other things to do. Beloved is out of town for a day less than a week, so there are many chores, not to mention my work, to consider getting done. In any case, after tearing myself away from glazing and clay, I did a few errands, and by the time I got home it was time to offer all animals an early supper. So, I did.
After I cleaned litter boxes. Yes, boxes.

Usually after they eat, the doggies expect their walk. I had not exercised yet, so I got all my gear on--you know, my "frog bra" from Title Nine that guarantees no bounce (which is true, it is a major masher, but I need it), the right socks, wicking shirt and capris--I decided I would jog again today, because it felt so good yesterday. (jog, not run--we are talking 11 minute miles here folks). I have been alternating days between Shredding and jogging, but I felt like I needed a jog today. The skies were threatening and the wind was picking up. I really wanted to do my exercise first, to avoid a possible storm, but then, the doggies were looking at me with those puppy dog eyes....

So we walked. 'Round the block. A bit of a shortchange, or compromise--depending on where you are sitting in stadium.

When we returned, I popped on my ipod shuffle and took off. Wind picking up even more. Dark Skies. More wind. Me, jogging to Natalie Cole...thinking," oh this will blow right over me, I am invincible, I will go the whole way, I don't have to stop at the track and do some laps and go home, I can do the whole route I have mastered twice this week...." and BOOOM!!!! A powerful downpour, rain whipping into my face so now I am jogging with my eyes closed because I can't keep them open because the rain is slicing into them....

And I get drenched. And my little shuffle, soaked and expired. Dead. Sigh.

And there is no existential meaningful point to this story.

It is just a report on what I did today, and how I figured out that God is not going to stop the wind and the rain for me so I can go jogging. Not that I expected that....

Jus' sayin.