Saturday, May 31, 2008

long silence

The past six weeks have been incredibly busy for me, as my colleague had emergency heart surgery, (all is well, thank goodness) and for the past two weeks, our administrator has been out on medical leave as well.

So, holding down the fort has meant multitudes more emails, administrivia, keeping things going....and I just haven't felt like writing. Writing has felt more like a chore rather than something full. In fact, I haven't felt like doing much of anything--no knitting, no crocheting, not much reading, my clay work has suffered...On one level, I realize that I am tired after a very busy program year in the congregation.

However, I suspect that isn't the reason for my long silence. I have been doing some important inner work that has felt sacred, vulnerable, quiet, scarey, and cavernous.
My focus has been on quiet and breathing.
And yet, the words are yet unformed...
and sometimes the sighs are unfathomably deep.

I have found a spiritual teacher to offer direction and insight...and I pray for the courage to embrace being taught, challenged, and comforted around the most tender places of my heart.

Gracious Spirit...