Friday, July 31, 2009

wet and soggy

I spent way too much time at the studio. Well, I loved it, but I had a few other things to do. Beloved is out of town for a day less than a week, so there are many chores, not to mention my work, to consider getting done. In any case, after tearing myself away from glazing and clay, I did a few errands, and by the time I got home it was time to offer all animals an early supper. So, I did.
After I cleaned litter boxes. Yes, boxes.

Usually after they eat, the doggies expect their walk. I had not exercised yet, so I got all my gear on--you know, my "frog bra" from Title Nine that guarantees no bounce (which is true, it is a major masher, but I need it), the right socks, wicking shirt and capris--I decided I would jog again today, because it felt so good yesterday. (jog, not run--we are talking 11 minute miles here folks). I have been alternating days between Shredding and jogging, but I felt like I needed a jog today. The skies were threatening and the wind was picking up. I really wanted to do my exercise first, to avoid a possible storm, but then, the doggies were looking at me with those puppy dog eyes....

So we walked. 'Round the block. A bit of a shortchange, or compromise--depending on where you are sitting in stadium.

When we returned, I popped on my ipod shuffle and took off. Wind picking up even more. Dark Skies. More wind. Me, jogging to Natalie Cole...thinking," oh this will blow right over me, I am invincible, I will go the whole way, I don't have to stop at the track and do some laps and go home, I can do the whole route I have mastered twice this week...." and BOOOM!!!! A powerful downpour, rain whipping into my face so now I am jogging with my eyes closed because I can't keep them open because the rain is slicing into them....

And I get drenched. And my little shuffle, soaked and expired. Dead. Sigh.

And there is no existential meaningful point to this story.

It is just a report on what I did today, and how I figured out that God is not going to stop the wind and the rain for me so I can go jogging. Not that I expected that....

Jus' sayin.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

in a no word state of mind....

This past month has been very, very good. After returning from Israel, I have gotten into a groove where I am getting a lot done at work (could get more done, I realize, but hey, it is July)...have been enjoying walking the doggies religiously every morning before I do my other morning routines of house straightening, kitchen cleaning, I have been exercising--and feeling good. Shout out to Cheesehead who blogged about being Shredded a while ago, and I found the 30 Day Shred Workout by Jillian Michaels on On Demand....and that has made me strong enough to actually jog a tiny more than 3 miles everyother day. I think, too, I might be losing a little weight!

But that isn't what I sat down to write. What I sat down to write about is the fact that lately, when I have sat down to blog, I find I am in a "no word" state of mind. It is easy for me to pop something whimsical on the page...and whimsy is good. I believe in whimsy.

But I also believe in words, in Word, in digging and wandering about in my heart and thoughts to wonder, in words, out loud. Or, I mean, out blog. Blog out loud? Write. But the words, the subject, the wonderings are not there...I worry about being shallow. O.k., I don't worry about being shallow. I don't want to be shallow, but I guess if I wonder if I am shallow, than I am really not, because I am at least deep enough to understand what shallow is.
Good grief. Now I am sounding like Paul. "That which I would not, That do I do, I wish I wouldn't do it, but I'm already through...."
Hah! Now I just compared myself to a great New Testament author. That would be Narcissism!
Cracking myself up here.

Back to the "no word" state of mind. Perhaps it is fear, I feel, wandering in the formless void within me...maybe I don't have the courage to let Spirit hover over that formless void, to let Spirit breathe, create, and speak what is within, to help me find those words, in their time. Oh sweet One, I pray for the grace to contemplate and meditate and give myself time
in this wordless state of mind.

And, to allow whimsy to be o.k.

Monday, July 27, 2009

everything reminds me of my dog

I looked for a video on youtube with this song by Jane Siberry, but there wasn't really one. In any case, the song got me through the last few minutes of my jog this morning. The song makes me sooooooo happy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thinking about progressive youth ministry...

..and what the heck to do with our TWEENS next year for Sunday School. I am not going to waste money on buying the Sunday School curriculum, because, as one volunteer noted, she was "underwhelmed" with it.

Found some good blogs out there through a very good site for progressive Christian educators called Different Voice

It has some great links, and I resonate with the core values.

What about you? What do you use for Sunday a.m. resources with your 6-7-8 graders?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

no sun in boston today....

and I am so hungry for sun these days,
I guess I will just look at places where I was in the SUN this summer!
This is Haifa, in Israel

Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheesehead in Paradise: Who am I kidding?

Cheesehead in Paradise: Who am I kidding? here's the thing. don't have children...can't believe I haven'...but not gonna happen...but still
the mommy in me
her heart is breaking
with you.

luv me some meffa

o.k., so, yeah,
I live in a neighborhood where the elder italionos slash someone's tires because they don't agree with interracial dating (Rephrehensible)

I live in a neighborhood where people don't pay their water fees

I live in a neighborhood where people think "r" is pronounced "ahhhhhh"

I live in a neighborhood where people who grew up here don't wear bras....

I live in a neighborhood where dogs bahhhhk incessently, fried hair abounds, and watching out for your neighbors is blood. serious. evem if there is no blood in common.


my dear NEENIE aka VEnus, aka grossy sidewalk surfing for smelly and indescribably non-edible but tasty garbage animal remains/refuse treats searching amazing canine took herself on a walk down a very busy street.....

was recovered by young women (16 ish?)plumpish native ( as in oh sweetie, please, bras are good for you...) sweet teenagers who had a sense of...the least of these....

and all I can say is,

oh my. I love mafia accepting, sweet doggie loving community of Boston.

Thank you. yes, thank you, and bless you.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

on the lam

While I was gone, I got a letter from the local library that your overdue fines or risk legal action.
I knew the library police would catch up with me!

So, $23 dollars later, and my record is clear. whew!

Thing is, what I ended paying for is long overdue book on my shelf. Literally, I live six blocks from the library. I don't want the book. I didn't even get beyond the first chapter.

Sometimes, I just confuse myself.