Thursday, September 15, 2005

noticing rhythm

In design class on Tuesday, we explored rhythm in visual art. When we were looking at art and sculpture in books, some of sort of "sang" the rhythm of the work: "Well, it looks like bah-bah-bah-dah-swhooww!" I have been looking the past two days, for rhythm...on the highway, at home, in the movement of my poodles dancing and kittens purring and in the soft melody of an understanding gaze of a friend during a time of discomfort. "Noticing rhythm..." commented our design instructor, "is a nice way to be in the world." Indeed, the world has a heartbeat, and songs to sing and wail, screech and slide. I want to hear that music, and I want to notice it, see it, and wonder about it as I create my own song and beat in this little corner of the world.

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