Thursday, August 09, 2007

goin' on VACA-TION

At my house, tonight we are all doin' the happy vacation dance and song!!!
even though we haven't started packing, our flight leaves at 6:00 a.m.
we are going to SEDONA. I have never been to the Southwest before, in spite of growing up in the upper midwest. And, I am especially excited about Sedona because of all the spiritual energy there. I am going to soak it all up!

Last year, we didn't take vacation, because we were busy moving to New England...and then I didn't work for seven months, except for temping, and then I started in this new parish in April, and I really haven't had much time off--except for the quick trip to Cleveland to watch the Sox play the Indians, but we spent two of the three days stuck in airports. The games were fun, but not the traveling!!!

I am ready...just to be away from everything except my beloved for ten straight days. How lovely is that? I am taking books and crocheting and hiking boots and beads and hang out comfy clothes.

I am so excited!


Lorna (see through faith) said...

Praying for your protection.

Sedona is lovely - but there was also a lot of evil spiritual energy there I found, so proclaiming that you belong to Christ and are redeemed by His blood as you travel into one of the most beautiful areas I know.

revabi said...

Love to hear about your experience and to see your pictures. I just have some wonderful memories of that area.

I found some deep places in me touched here in Sedona.