Friday, February 29, 2008

Leapin' Lizards....RGBP Friday Five

Songbird and willsmama over at RevGals leapt into this one! I don't know if I have any thoughts on this, so I think I will just go for it and see what happens....
They write:
It's Leap Day!! Whether you're one of the special few who have a birthday only once every four years, or simply confused by the extra day on the calendar, everyone is welcome to join in and play our Leap Year Friday Five.

Tell us about a time you:

1. Leapt before looked
Pretty much any time I jump into water. I close my eyes.

2. Leapt to a conclusion
Hmmmm. Too often to admit.

3. Took a Leap of Faith
Moving to Florida, Moving to New York City, Moving to the South, Moving to New is one big leap, I think....

4. Took a literal Leap
When I was about eight, my twin sister and I were in a three legged race, and at first, we were sort of stumbling, but(instead of falling on our faces)we leapt into a perfect spring and we blew the rest of the third graders out of the water. I will never forget that feeling of being in perfect connection with was exhilarating!

5.And finally, what might you be faced with leaping in the coming year?
Well, I am feeling out of kilter for an array of reasons--personal grief over my nephew's suicide, and professional stress. So, being diligent and open and honest about self-care and focus is going to be my life instead of it living me.


DogBlogger said...

Very good play. I hadn't been here in a while and just caught up on reading about your nephew... I'm so sorry. Prayers for healing and comfort.

Sally said...

I loved reading your thoughts on that race! Great play.

Songbird said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, karlajean.

Mrs. M said...

#4 sounds spectacular.

And prayers for #5. I'm so sorry.

RevDrKate said...

#4 sounds like a rare moment. And I'm loving your intentionality on #5. Blessings on that living.....

revhipchick said...

wonderful play.

peace and love to you.