Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Five: Memorable Pets

This week's revgalblogpals FF is to name five memorable pets.

I say, oh my! Only five?

I will try....
In no particular order:

This is our Lucky cat, who is old and crotchedy and whines a lot these days, except when he is fast asleep, and he looks like a bunny-angel. Beloved rescued him off the side of a road where a farmer had shot him. Rushed to the vet, Lucky survived, albeit with a bullet still lodged under his skin. You can even feel it to this day.

What can I say? Aren't poodles always memorable in their silly, high energy ways? This is Daisy and Tikky, 11 and 10, respectfully. They still act like 3 year olds.

This is Callie, who has more personality than any human or animal or plant should ever have. She is currently leaping from the chair to my desk...then I pick her up, put her down so I can type, and then she just keeps doing it. Relentless. But loves her bling!

This is Venus las Vegas--she survived major surger this fall, and is doing well. She is truly our angel. Besides having lots of arthritis, she has recently started to lose her hearing. But not her love!

Buster crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this fall. He could not have been more sweeter. He was the calm, even-tempered, laid back presence in our family. We miss him.

This is Cowboy Kojak the One-eyed wonder. We found him in a parking lot, skin and bones and what looked like an eye injury. The vet said he might live a month. He spent two and half years terrorizing our household. I could throw him over my shoulder and do dishes, and he would purr and be so happy. However, he hated all four legged creatures and he would prowl the house to chase poodles, cats, and other dogs. We had to lock him up at night so the other kitties could come out to play. Oh, and did I mention he had chronic diarrhea for those two and half years? However, he learned to mellow slightly, and I just loved him. He loved me, too, in his own way. I know he is raising hell over the rainbow bridge now.

This is sweet Annie. We only had her six months. We adopted her at 13 years, after she retired from being a guide dog. I never knew a creature before that truly embodied the word--Joy. She was the most happy-pants thing in the world. She died from cancer, but she had a rich life.

So...that's it for now....but I have to say our animals enrich our lives in so many ways. We all miss Molly, even if we only knew her through the virtual world of blogging. We are grateful for the ways in which she was God's Blessing to so many, and we celebrate her life. Love to Songbird and family as they walk through this great loss in their lives.


Diane said...

beautiful beautiful pictures and remembrances.

what open faces, and smiles.

DogBlogger said...

Wow, what a wonderful list! I remember you lost Annie shortly after I discovered your blog. Thank you for sharing each lovely creature with us (especially one-eyed cats with diarrhea who are still very much loved).

Songbird said...

Thank you for your kind thoughts, they are much appreciated.

Processing Counselor said...

What a bunch of sweeties

RevDrKate said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories and beautiful pictures...what gifts you all and have been are to each other

mompriest said...

My husband and I have adopted dogs and cats that had, well, had "challenges" too...and while I know people who won't keep pets like that, we have always felt that once adopted they are part of our family and we just keep working to bring the house together....much like you have done with your sweet family....great photos!

Sophia said...

Gorgeous pictures, and wonderful stories. Thank you.

Chorus said...

What a beautiful list, and how gracious you have been in opening your home to some lovely animals that were injured, abandoned, and alone.


Jennifer said...

I like cats who accessorize.
And I like your heart.