Monday, May 21, 2007

my soul restored

Today I spent much of the day at pottery class and in the studio. I continually am amazed at how time flies when I am working with clay, and how much I love being in the company of other clayartists. It is such a wonderful community...and when I am there, whether it is cleaning up my muddy workspace, testing glaze combinations, trying to save a wobbly pot, or wishing I could do something better or know more details about something else, the studio experience always refreshes my heart and clears my mind and fills my soul.
Today, I made two bowls. One a five pounder, and the other a six pounder. I confess, though, that I am tired of bowls and am going to throw some nice mugs and tumblers in terracotta so that I can try my hand at maiolica or majolica There seems to be a disagreement as to whether it is the same thing, or different. My current pottery teacher says it is different technique, but I am not so sure. I think it has to do with the country. In any case, I am going to try it!

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