Wednesday, June 20, 2007

restless waters

Got up early this a.m. because my mind won't turn off...yesterday was a busy day, and I suppose I am still processing it. I got up early yesterday to form goals and a work plan for the upcoming program year; which then left me wondering where in the world there would be room for spontaneous, creative, improvisational, imaginative ministry in the midst of budget plans for publicity, coalescing volunteers, and a capital campaign....
We then had a staff retreat which was lovely and good and very intrapersonal....and then there was preparation for my CE commission meeting which had no less than 11 agenda items, with a few extra thrown in at the end.
This particular ministry place I am in is textured, layered, and will have a tendency to fall into administrivia....
I am going to have to be clearly intentional about leaving space for the waters to flow, where I can wade in deeply with all of me, to leave room where I can sense and connect to the One who troubles the waters with surprise and love and edgy calling.
At my installation, my sisterpastor friend charged me with words from Catherine Henderson's new book, (can't remember the name) to wade in the water, and to be a "troublemaker" with God...which I took to mean to be engaged in ministry with my congregation that is challenging and real....not administrivia or the same old same old.
I am reaching for your Hand, Holy I wade in these waters.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I hope you can keep the trivia and management tasks to a minimum because you need space to think. My husband is a retired clergyman - but it's for life of course - and fortunately his Fijian background enables him to be a fairly relaxed person. But there have been times of pressure when he has had to do tasks that other people could have done more easily. He always enjoyed pastoral visiting much more than preaching in English, not his primary language.

Sorry to hear about your pet dog - they are so wonderful. We had Suzie for about ten years - a golden coloured kelpie/collie/corgi cross.