Monday, June 04, 2007


Saturday evening I was waiting on our porch for my rev.pastor sister friend to drive in from NYC for my installation. She called when she was about 15 minutes away. It was a warm summer evening, and I was enjoying a nice iced coffee, my love nursing a nice cold beer in a chilled glass, the poodles were sitting with us on the porch, being busybodies as only toy poodles are, but generally relaxed. Our house is only two houses off a fairly busy two lane through street, and we saw a shitzu dog trotting down the sidewalk unattended. We recognized him from a few streets over, and it is NEVER on a leash, and ALWAYS in the middle of the road. However we never have seen it more than 30 feet from its front door. So, I decide to go and get the dog before it got hit by car...
and as I was approaching it, before it saw me, it saw a guy walking a HUGE dog across the street,
and it darted into traffic
and thud.
Screaming dog,
more SCREAMING me...I threw my hands up over my face and just let it rip, I couldn't look, I was so terrified...
and the dog,
who had been rolling,
got up,
and started running towards it's home,
it was dragging its whole hindquarters,
and then my poodles got excited and started chasing the poor thing, and before I knew it,
all three LITTLE dogs were back in traffic. I was yelling at them..and we finally corralled the poodles, and went running to the home of the injured dog.
We tried to communicate to the owners that the dog had been severely injured by a car, (there was a slight language barrier)
and finally one of the owners went running into the open door of her house where her pet had run into for safety.
She said she would take it to a vet; but I can't help but wonder if someone who let's their family pet run loose in the neighborhood without monitoring it actually HAS a vet, but that is my bias.
I was feeling like a shitty pet owner because my dogs, although contained in my yard, were not on restraint when the chaos began, and they could have been killed in traffic the same way.
It was horrible.
I lost most of my voice, and my throat aches from the screaming. I have stopped by the house of the injured dog, but no one has been home.
Poor baby dog.
It wasn't its fault...
and I cringe at the pain and trauma the dog experienced.

Aren't we supposed to be blessing the beasts?

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