Friday, October 26, 2007

holy sister half-way around the world!

This is my holy sister, Yeong Mee....
When I was doing my MDIV, she was working on her doctorate in hebrew bible with Phyllis Trible at Union.
We, Yeong Mee, and I were best of friends. She got me through Hebrew, Greek; and the footnotes of my thesis (God Bless her). We would walk dogs together in Riverside Park and spend our $1 for a bagel and coffee at the stand on the corner and have breakfast together most mornings. We would study all day, and then order in pizza or go out for Indian food. She gave me bim bim bop, and a love for the spicy taste of kimchee. We had LOTS of fun shopping for shoes--at Tops and Harry's and Aerosoles, all on the upper West Side of Manhattan. I had the privilege of participating in her ordination, and she honored me with her words at my ordination. I have lived through her crazy driving--she was the first to baptize my 1995 Honda Wagon with its first dent/rip in the front bumper, accidentally going forward instead of reverse. I love seeing it, because it reminds me of my dear friend, now living in Seoul, and living as a successful academic in a very, very, patriarchal system. Only woman in the department! Yikes. She writes amazing papers and books; she teaches her nephew English; she sends me beautiful fans and paper from Korea. When we talk, it is like we are next door. What a blessing. We encourage one another...always.
I am grateful that time and distance have not diminished the strength of our holy sisterhood. I am grateful that we have an amazing friendship that transcends the pragmatic here and now and rests in the sacred here and now.
Thank you God,
for my holy sister.
Bless her today...and infuse her with your grace, your hope, your courage, your love.


Mother Laura said...

Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture of your holy sister! What a wonderful gift to find each other (be led by God to each other) and be able to maintain the friendship over such a long distance. My best priest friends are in other states and I miss them so much--but I'm sure we meet in person more than you get to. The internet really is a blessed spiritual connection sometimes, isn't it?

tikvahyah said...

what a nice and touching introduction of our friendship. Thank you. I still feel sorry that I accidently ripped off your care. Also I am still amazed that you even smiled when I confessed what I did to your new car~!! You are such a blessed friend and sister and unni from God. love love love