Friday, December 28, 2007

Auld Lang Syne Friday Five

So, it's time to reflect and ponder...for RGBP Friday Five. So...for 2007, five memorable moments. Bonus points for God sightings.
1. Getting offered two positions in one day, while walking a labyrinth in a cold and icy parking lot. CRazy.

2. Visting the vortexes in Sedona. Thought they would be more mystical, but the heat was pretty unbearable. Still pretty happy to have been there. Also, getting to go to Durango at Thanksgiving was cool too. LOVE the west.

3. Recently, (this is going to sound nuts, I know), I was so very, very restless. I couldn't do anything until I restrung some strings on my harp and found the damn tuner. The tuning key didn't turn up til a day later, and I was practically crawling the was like the harp was calling, calling, calling to be played. (please understand, I have been on hiatus from harp playing for like, five years). When I finally got it strung and tuned, I played over and over for hours over several days. My restlessness turned to, my harp stays close, next to my desk, so I can play whenever she calls. Or when I am restless. There is a God-sighting in there, I believe. A lil' being like the HOLY SPIRIT?

4. Learning to knit from my 93 year old friend Miriam. She is really good at knitting and teaching. She rocks my world! I also learned to make beaded crochet rope necklace from a woman named Lillian who owns a beadshop a town over. Man, that place is just like a little church--people come everyday to bead, and they share their troubles, their joys, their hopes....something to be said about the crafting community.

5. The death of Annie, our adopted retired guide dog, was memorable, becaues she made such an impact on our lives for the six months she lived with us, and she died so gracefully. I wrote about that earlier in the blog, but I don't know how to link that. What a gift she was!

6. I think the RevGalBlogPal community is pretty memorable. Haven't been able to dig in as much as I would like, but there is a lot of amazing folks in this community.

Peaceful blessings to all this New Year. With our world in so much tumult, people we know in places of danger and war, with a sense of powerlessness and being overwhelmed, may we all push ourselves and those we love and serve to step out and shout out and wage peace for those who know none.


Mary Beth said...

Welcome to RG! And glad you are among the knitters...I'm just learning myself.

revhipchick said...

wonderful post!

i'm sorry the heat was not helpful while visiting the vortexes--i've always wanted to do that! it sounds amazing!

thanksgiving in Durango--lovely! i went to college for a little while there--i miss it, glad you had a great time there!

i have really enjoyed your blog and posting.

many blessings for 20081

Jan said...

Glad you're in Revgals. . . I'm a newbie in a way. My 18 year old daughter just taught herself to knit. I'm impressed that you're knitting. According to the most recent "U.S. News and World Report," that is one of the 50 things they suggest learning or doing in the New Year. You've already done it!

mompriest said...

I love to knit, not so good at it, but still love it...Many blessings for 2008!

Sue said...

All the best for 2008!

RevDrKate said...

I loved your answers! The harp one especially...I get that pull to something...that is so amazing when it happens and will NOT let you rest. Your knitting friend sounds like such a gem! Great post. Thank you!

Diane said...

glad you are a part of the community. It IS memorable. prayers of comfort on the loss of Annie.