Thursday, December 06, 2007

taking charge....

I am really cranky and unsettled these days. I wish it had everything to do with hormones, but it doesn't. I am too busy, I am doing to much administrivia, and I am not creating. I am not doing what I am good at in my work; and after I finish what is expected, there isn't much energy left to muse, to wonder, to connect to Spirit...
and that is wrong. I am not unhappy, but I am not necessarily fulfilled.

It occurs to me, though, that things might not change much. But I don't have to adapt so much in such a way that it kills my spirit. That's wrong, and not good for anyone.

I have to take charge of what I have to offer. And find ways that reflect some room for movement and growth in all of us. No one is going to make that space...I just have to start the carving it out of some of the minutiae (minutia?)(sp? is that even a word? I think I have heard it, just not seen it....hmmm.)

So, last night, I took some time to play my harp. Today, I am going to visit my 93 year old friend, and we are going to knit together. Then, I am going to visit baby C and her five week old self. And then, only then, if I have time, will I do administrivia. If not, it can wait.

Take charge, girl! No one is going to do that for ya! Listen for the Spirit leading you to exactly where you are. Listen for the wisdom, the strength, the challenge, and the grace.

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

You have solved the problem yourself - go visit a friend, sit quietly and let serendipity take its course.
There can be times that we think are wasted but you never know when there's a moment of grace coming. I'm just an ordinary church office helper for three hours a week and I thought that was a mundane task getting lists onto an Exel file, etc., but every Friday morning people are calling, often by chance because our church folk cater for funerals nearly every week for the next-door funeral parlour. People are just wanting to talk, more than one starts crying, strangers or people I know. I'm not a pastor but if he's not about, then I have to be the listener!
And please say a prayer or two for the people of Fiji, experiencing a really severe hurricane today/tonight/tomorrow. Lots of our relatives have battened down in Labasa where Hurricane Daman is now charging through.