Tuesday, June 10, 2008

happy pants bird on top of the evergreen tree!

Starting about 8:30, and lasting for about 20 minutes, the happiest grey bird comes to sing in our neighborhood. S/he sits on topmost peak of a very large, mature evergreen tree next door. I sit and watch this happy little singer as s/he offers a most beautiful concert of delightful, lovely, happy warbles.
I have no clue what kind of bird this is...(I looked up but couldn't identify) but I am so happy s/he chose this neighborhood in which to sing.
Reminds me of that cartoon, "I wanna singa, about the moona and the junah and the springa..."

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revhipchick said...

wonderful! i love waking to the birds singing!

we have a few owls in the neighborhood. we rarely see them but hear them daily.