Wednesday, July 16, 2008

yellow balloons

Yesterday was six months to the date AND day that my 19 year old nephew committed suicide. I was thinking about his mother, my sister, all day...I knew she took the day off from work. I sent her messages, and called....
late last night she wrote me...and said that she spent time with one of Aric's dear friends...they went to the coffee shop he worked at, and had an "Aric Special" of three shots espresso, raspberry, chocolate, and vanilla syrup...and then to the cemetary, and then watched the slide show from the funeral. Later, a couple of guys from his band came by to see her...and then, late in the evening, she released yellow balloons with his birthdate and heavendate and messages of love tucked inside into the sky, declaring her love for her son forever.

She said it was an o.k. day.

I am so proud of my sister.

We miss you Aric. There are over 18,000 visits on your MySpace page. I think lots of people miss you.
We will all always love you.


Anonymous said...

thinking and praying for you and yours.

peace be with you

Anonymous said...

praying for strength and peace for you and your family