Tuesday, August 12, 2008


So this week we were going to go to Durango to enjoy a week in the west. Unfortunately, the trip got postponed because of other events earlier this summer, and it felt like too much to leave for another week.

I decided to take the week off, anyway, with visions of laying around and reading and napping and watching movies in the afternoon...

Yeah. Right. The first mistake made was to decide to move our office to the attic space. In the current office, we have two giant bookcases, that hold my library of theology, religion, ceramics books along with random favorites that I can't just part with--like Jane Austen, Dorothy Parker, Edith Wharton, and wicca memorabilia. These shelves are also full of CD's, paper craft and beading supplies, yarn, my yoga strap, and photo albums.

Guess what? Giant bookcases won't manuever the tight corners and stairs of our 100 year old house. Can't take them apart, because they are from IKEA, and I put them together, and well...enough said.

So, yesterday, after getting the oil changed on the car, I went to Target (is that a step up or down from IKEA?) to buy one new book case. It took me ALL AFTERNOON to put it together, because of course, I kept putting it together backwards. Then, I would have to undo it, so I could do it right. Oh, and yeah, I had to carry it piece by piece up to the attic since, well, the box wouldn't manuever the tight corners and stairs of our 100 year old house.

Did I mention, also, that I have a mysterious case of poison ivy not only covering the inside of my arm, but my nose, and in my hair on the back of the head? And, I have one more SICK doggie?

Today, I have to go back to Target to get another bookcase, in spite of trying to downsize (please, people, I can't let go of Dorothy Parker or that college textbook that used to belong to Phyllis Trible (who inscribed her name and date on the inside cover)about women and mythmaking just because....I can't.) That is after I go to the doctor who will hopefully give me a shot and after I take the doggy to the vet, where hopefully SHE will get a shot.

But, hey, it is only ten o clock....I can squeeze in 30 minutes to finish that novel I started yesterday, right?

I love stay-cation!!! (even if there is more stay than -cation in it!)

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revhipchick said...

the shelving issue sounds awful and yet you mastered it--hoorah!

joel (my hubby) graduated from Fort Lewis in Durango. i spent one semester there and went back to Denver felt clausterphobic during the winter. i would LOVE to go back and visit--it's glorious! i'm sorry you didn't get to go but glad that you are enjoying the staycation despite the shelves and poison ivy (dear thing, i'm sooo sorry about that).

don't dare part with phyllis trible's old textbook--unless you're going to send it my way ;) i'm with you on downsizing books--they are precious friends that you can't just throw away. i have lost many loaning them out to friends but that's different, i'm pretty sure they are experiencing love even if it's no longer mine.

it's nice to see how you're doing. i hope the poison ivy is gone sooner than later!