Monday, September 22, 2008

this is what I am thinking about today...'s a gray cold Monday morning....a little dreary. dreams last night. very full of crazy energy. for awhile I was a shy sad cat and then turned into a human who was gifted with this gorgeous cardigan sweater with buttons that didn't work with all kinds of thing hidden in the pockets, like square glasses made out of pipecleaners and yarn, and then many strands of beads that kept breaking as I pulled them out of the pockets and then all of a sudden I was chasing a mad old hedge hog in this house because I didn't want the dogs to get him and when I picked him up he kept spitting at me and then lept onto the kitchen counter.

...thinking about going to the library.

...wondering how my 14 year old sweetie dog is doing at the vet. she is having xrays and bile acid tests. her liver is malfunctioning and this is obviously a problem.

...when I listen to the news and hear stories of bombing in Pakistan and political unrest in other parts of the world where people fear for their very lives everyday while living ordinary lives is astonishing for me to grasp. my little white privileged american self has never and may probably never really get that. I say a prayer...and wonder what that means for me as God's person in this world. What am I called to do, to announce, to live....we just have so much. this mal-distribution of wealth and comfort and opportunity is....a quandary.

...and still, I am delighted with my red patent leather mary jane clogs. (shaking my head at my poor pitiful self" wondering how long this head cold and sore throat are going to linger in my body. I don't feel so great.

...wonder how worried I should be personally about job security in light of the financial crisis in our current time and place. Am not so much now, but...don't want to have my head in the sand, either. grateful to have some time home today, even if I don't feel great and I should be cleaning house.

...thinking about what to preach on next Sunday. I love the alternative reality of my Mondays. grateful, in spite of worries and thoughts and concerns, that I can breathe and know that God is here, with me, now.



revcrystalk said...

i too struggle with enjoying (and dreaming of more) my "stuff" while there are others that will die today from hunger and war. i don't understand and to be honest, i think i'm too afraid and steeped in Americana to do what i think i should.

i hope you get over your cold soon--no fun at all. i've been enjoying my day off trying to get caught up on laundry and rearranging the furniture in my living room.

peace to you

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Karlajean,
Life is so complicated and the media connects us immediately to the world's trouble spots.
Hope your throat gets better. The bug here kept me quieter than usual for many weeks.
Check out my Geelong Visual Diary blog Karla as I'd like your opinion on liberal or even New Age wingers in the church today. I've read Borg, met Spong, but still don't bend much from mainstream.

"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

...the alternative reality of my Mondays...

I just like the way that sounds. Seeing in a new way...maybe a deeper way.