Monday, March 23, 2009

holy spirit sighting

today I was jogging in the park along the river. (jogging slowly)
I came upon the stone pillar in the middle of the lawn that marks the name of the park, and a huge redtail hawk was perched on it....we were eye to eye, about five feet apart. The hawk calmly watched me as I ran by...and then I stopped and turned around to gaze at its wild beauty until it flew off in majestic glory, soaring over the river, circling back, and landing in a tree, with another gorgeous redtail.

Hawks are fierce, strong, a little scary sometimes, but for me, a symbol of the Holy Spirit...I need that wild fierce presence of God filling me and with me for the living of these days.


Purple said...

Wild and fierce...I like that seems to soar out the

mompriest said...

I see two hawks in a tree along the path of my dog walk...not sure if they are red tail, may be too small...possibly Harris...but so awesome! And I occasionally have a Coopers Hawk fly through my yard looking for breakfast at the bird feeder - you should see and hear the birds disappear when that bird comes round!

Mary Beth said...

Amen, amen.

Anonymous said...