Tuesday, March 03, 2009

scattered thoughts today...

I am thinking about these things.
I am at the age now, where it is not uncommon for my peers to be dealing with a terminally ill parent--or a sudden death of one.
It's huge.

I now know personally two people in very good professional jobs who have been laid off. One was done with grace. The other sounds like a complete knock-out out of nowhere. I also have a colleague whose two sisters have been laid off in the past few months. It can happen to any of us, and to any one we know.

My neighbor has a new puppy, baby Bella, the Bernese Mountain Dog. She is hilarious.

This is a good moment, this pause as I feel the keys under my tapping fingers, listening to the drone of the vacuum cleaner that someone is running across the hall in the pre-school room, while a very loud mommy picks up her child and puts her in the bathroom and tells her not to lock it. That would my cue to lock it to see what would happen. Am surprised the child did not take advantage. The mom is really loud, though. Now she is explaining about Girl Scout cookies.

My heart aches, especially for the one friend who was laid off yesterday.

I wonder when the snow will melt after the dump of 12 inches yesterday.

There is a little boy in the preschool who gets in trouble EVERY day. He is having a hard time. I suspect he might have some special needs. Prayers for him...and his parents....

The sun is absolutely brilliant this afternoon. Wonderful.

I need to clean my office. Someone just came by and asked me if I was moving. (four giant boxes arrived today, full of specially imprinted church mugs--plus a box of curriculum, and another box of old pictures somebody dumped in my office. Plus two Trader Joe bags full of stuff, and an overflow of papers on the floor to be filed. Sigh.) I am not moving.

I can't get the Beyonce song, Put a Ring On it, out of my head. uh, uh, oh..uh, uh oh.....

I wish I could dance like Beyonce

Time for me to stop writing. My stream of thought is deteriorating.

Peace to you~~


Songbird said...

And I'm thinking about puppies. :-)

Chorus said...

The description of your office sounds like most all clergy offices I've known. Have you seen the Dave Walker cartoon about offices?

And I could live with a Bernese puppy, I think...

Purple said...

My desk/office tends to look as you described yours. I can tidy it up and within 24 hours (or less)the "phantom messer" has struck.

Purple said...

I am leaving this comment here instead of on my blog. The wordle thing is fun...just google wordle and the instructions go from there. You can change font, color, organization of the words...and even create a file to save them to.

I had to do it in Firefox as IE and the java thing that runs it seem not to want to talk to one another.

have fun...i did