Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Releasing the Imagination

Releasing the Imagination is a book on my shelf. In it is a set of essays written about education, the arts, and social change by the renowned professor of philosophy and education Maxine Greene (Teachers College at Columbia U). It is a wonderful, inspiring read, if you are into educational philosophy and changing the world. It is also one of my favorite books just to glance at on my shelf...the jacket is muted reds/oranges/warm toasty yellows with a spot of blue for contrast. The title reminds me to "release" and "imagine"
Release my imagination.
Wonder about the possibility.
Embrace the hidden potential.
Dare, be bold, live big
but in a giving over, releasing, relaxed kind of way.
I have an image of releasing like a fountain and then just watching where the drops of water might fall...
watching their random patterns,
seeing the natural beauty.

It seems these days, it is hard for me to release anything at all. I breathe, I walk, I try to focus, and then get caught up in minutia (sp?)...then I breathe , I sing, I walk some more.
Imagine (just gently imagine...)
O Holy Spirit,
Breathing in, I breathe in awareness of the moment
Breathing out, I release that which I need to let go
Breathing in awareness,
Breathing out release...
in the in between, I pray for your help and guidance and trust....
Breathing awareness

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Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Nicely written so thanks. The way spirituality is expressed today is so so so different to that of some of the people who started new movements such as John Wesley. I've just read a biography of Wesley and it is so funny - though perhaps I shouldn't have laughed so much. Aspects of his (love) life were disastrous and the language in those hymns he and his brother wrote were so full of dramatic mixed metaphors. Yhough we sang them lustily a decade or so ago! And, many people still do so.