Friday, March 28, 2008

standing among strangers....

I am supposed to be up here in my office writing my sermon about driving in Boston, strangers, the public, and the road to Emmaus...
but after writing the intro, am thinking I need to read a little more to figure out how all this will tie together.
hope it does...
but also am thinking about my life as an artist,
and how it has virtually dried up this past year.
Yes, I have continued to get to the studio at least 3x a month, but with clay, you can't just do three days a month.
I miss it...and almost feel like a stranger to it...instead of thinking about it all of the time. I love thinking about it.
My skills have really lagged...I had such a wonderful foundation when I was throwing everyday a couple of years ago...and although all of that body memory will come back, what I need to do is practise.

Few people are clay prodigies!

Back to strangers, Jesus, and driving.

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