Monday, August 10, 2009

national art day at my house!

it is monday.
it is my day off.
it is not yet 10 o clock am
and I have done all I really need to do for now--
(o.k. not true, but the kitchen is mopped, scrubbed, and cleaned, bed made,
living room picked up, and the professional junk removers have already been here to removed a pile of dirt in our driveway that was growing flowers --don't ask--and the dead fridge in the basement. so what about those other errands...and exercise? don't ask)
in any case, after I take my dear doggies for a spin through the neighborhood, today becomes officially national art day at my house. I am going to make some tiles and bowls and platters in the basement and I am going to collect all my sources that inspire me and put them in a beautiful scrap book and I am going to make a bracelet or two and maybe some earrings.
just because I want to.
and because the floors have been mopped,
and the dirt is gone.

I love days off.


jess wilson said...

sounds utterly delightful!

Mompriest said...

I love days off too! This one will include a lot of rest and relaxation...but maybe I'll mop a floor too...(now that you have inspired me)....

revhipchick said...

awesome! wish i could celebrate with you--i also wish i had my floors mopped! ;)

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Do you have to clean and mop so often. Put yourself first, not the house. take off your spectacles and it looks fine! Get crackin' with the glazes on your pots etc.