Sunday, August 02, 2009


this week
my goal... Or should I say practice?
my practice is going to be to give myself enough time. Often I try to squeeze in so much into my minutes that I end up rushed and unaware.
I've started this morning.
I printed my sermon, etc last night. (yes I usually wait til Sunday am just to give the Spirit more time :-)
this morning has been so full and reflective and it is just 8 am.
I want to explore this more, but right now I am going to finish getting ready so I can get to church early to give myself enough time there!

Joy comes in the morning , holy One...
May your joy be complete in me this morning.


Songbird said...

(I print on Sunday morning, too.)


Mompriest said...

I fear printing on Sunday morning - fear a printer mishap....I always print on Saturday night...(Note, my paranoid streak coming through)...

enough time. Yes. I pray this for you.

Purple said...

If I am rushed on Sunday seems the entire worship service is off-kilter. I like your take.