Friday, July 31, 2009

wet and soggy

I spent way too much time at the studio. Well, I loved it, but I had a few other things to do. Beloved is out of town for a day less than a week, so there are many chores, not to mention my work, to consider getting done. In any case, after tearing myself away from glazing and clay, I did a few errands, and by the time I got home it was time to offer all animals an early supper. So, I did.
After I cleaned litter boxes. Yes, boxes.

Usually after they eat, the doggies expect their walk. I had not exercised yet, so I got all my gear on--you know, my "frog bra" from Title Nine that guarantees no bounce (which is true, it is a major masher, but I need it), the right socks, wicking shirt and capris--I decided I would jog again today, because it felt so good yesterday. (jog, not run--we are talking 11 minute miles here folks). I have been alternating days between Shredding and jogging, but I felt like I needed a jog today. The skies were threatening and the wind was picking up. I really wanted to do my exercise first, to avoid a possible storm, but then, the doggies were looking at me with those puppy dog eyes....

So we walked. 'Round the block. A bit of a shortchange, or compromise--depending on where you are sitting in stadium.

When we returned, I popped on my ipod shuffle and took off. Wind picking up even more. Dark Skies. More wind. Me, jogging to Natalie Cole...thinking," oh this will blow right over me, I am invincible, I will go the whole way, I don't have to stop at the track and do some laps and go home, I can do the whole route I have mastered twice this week...." and BOOOM!!!! A powerful downpour, rain whipping into my face so now I am jogging with my eyes closed because I can't keep them open because the rain is slicing into them....

And I get drenched. And my little shuffle, soaked and expired. Dead. Sigh.

And there is no existential meaningful point to this story.

It is just a report on what I did today, and how I figured out that God is not going to stop the wind and the rain for me so I can go jogging. Not that I expected that....

Jus' sayin.


Mompriest said...

sigh. at least you made a valiant effort to exercise!

Songbird said...

Well, shoot. This makes me sad. Poor you and poor little Shuffle!

Anonymous said...

And there is no existential meaningful point to this story.

I WILL find a way to use that sentence in conversation before the weekend is out. oy yes. i will. :)