Monday, October 20, 2008

crazy dreams...

maybe it was the extra garlic in the whole wheat pasta, or the licorice gumdrops I snarfed down yesterday afternoon at our association meeting, or possibly the dissappointment that my Sox lost the AL pennant and another run in the World Series, but I had some zany crazy wacky dreams last night....
1)a nightmare. I dreamt I saw these women kidnapped and killed--shot--actually by these evil men in black. although everyone knew it happened, no one appreciated the trauma and fear I felt.

2) I was at my dad's farmhouse (doesn't exist anymore, the home of my early childhood). I was there with pottery colleagues, and it the bedrooms were divided up into studios. Outside, my dad had this sickly baby camel whose fur was a beautiful indigo blue. she was on a very short chain, and couldn't move or lay down.
my dad came into the house, and a very adult me said, we have got to call a vet immediately. My dad started to get defensive and said don't ask me to apologize...and I said I am not asking you anything, except to do the right thing. this animal is suffering, and you know it. I will pay for the vet, whatever. she shouldn't be in pain or suffering if she is that sick. He sheepishly relented, and the vet came. We put the baby camel in a large crate...she walked around, she was much better just off the chain and in the house. She settled into the crate, and a kitten came and curled up with her. The vet said that yes, the camel is sick, but she will get well. He also said that other people had baby camels from this litter, and they spoiled them, and two families got kicked out of their houses by their now bossy entitled camels. He suggested we have firm boundaries and rules for the baby camel so she didn't take over the house. I said, "don't worry"

3)I am a little boy, but me. About 9-10. Apparently I have done something against the law, or being scapegoated. The police are looking for me, and they will do anything to find me--including torturing my family. So, I run away and become a muslim actor in bollywood movies, where I dance in them. We set up a secret code so that I can tell my family this is me, and that I am o.k. My family is so happy, and they send secret code messages back to me, to tell me to stay. I am still being hunted down, and even though the charges are false, they will still throw me into prison for life.

4) I am young and beautiful. I am going to a big, fancy party, with several beautiful gorgeous friends. We have a benefactor who gets us these delicious evening gowns. Mine is a burnt orange paisley thing with leggings and a flowy top. I am stunning in it.

All right. That is all I remember. Carl Jung, have at my unconscious! I know these dreams are all parts of me!
Oh my. It is hard being me sometimes!

Thank goodness it is Monday, my day off, and I have a day completely free of outside commitments. I can do what I want to get done at a very leisurely pace. What a gift!


mompriest said...

one of the things I've always done is have the characters in the dream, everyone of them, tell the dream "story" from their perspective. By saying out loud what each character is experiencing in the dream the meaning of the dream can come forth.

Also, Jung was into a lot of symbolism and archtypes - so what are the primal or mythical or common symbols and then what are they telling you in this dream.

Lastly, every person in a dream represents a part of us....even other people that we know are still a part of us in our dreams...

here ends what I do to think about the meaning of dreams...

have fun pondering these!

revcrystalk said...

very very interesting my dear! i hope that you had a lovely day and if it suits you, made some meaning from those dreams.

i keep having dreams about my first "love" (I use the term very loosely with this ex-boyfriend,but alas I was head over heels for him).

i hope you don't have anymore nightmares. weird dreams i can handle but nightmares are horrendous.

peace and sweet dreams!

karlajean said...

Thanks Mompriest and Revcrystalk!
I had a jungian therapist in my early 30's who was wonderful with dreams...she offered many of the tools you mention, mompriest.
happy to report last night was very peaceful sleep!

1-4 Grace said...

why do we dream as we do?
Our Bible study for today a(we are in Genesis) was bout Jospeh and his ability to intrpret dreams and his own dreams..
I have odd ones too. Never sure what they mean.
Okay, so totally odd. I looked at your posts labled cats and was amazed at Calli. She is almost exactly like Autumn. My parents have her...she foudn them, after being dropped out and is about 13 now. Never have seen one like her, but honeslty she and Calli couldbe twins. so cool

revkarla said...

I want to see a picture of Autumn....I am going to check your blog. Callie is the funniest cat--she is curious beyond measure, and fiercely independent and yet needy for your lap all the time!