Thursday, October 23, 2008

spiritual practise time...

So, I was speaking with someone the other day, who was listening well, and offering insight.
I know that I am at a place where I really need to take the time to discern, listen, and focus...and we were talking about that. I said, "wow, I really feel like I need to really be intentional about listening and praying about this...but I just get busy and forget about it until I sit and talk about it with someone like you...I used to be really good at this, journaling my heart out, taking that quiet time every day..."
Wise one said, "isn't that a little ironic and sad--that you, as a spiritual leader don't have time to be spiritual and listen to yourself?"


Guess who has some priorities mixed around???

So, I am wondering, do you have a daily spiritual practice of intention with God, and with year heart? Is it yoga/meditation? Journaling? walking slow? sitting in a chair and praying? Do tell. I am pretty certain my quiet time in the car while I drive to my office is not exactly cutting it for me right now--especially if I am trying to listen to NPR at the same time!


"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

Writing is always a way for me to get "unstuck" but I do not do it regularly because it turns in "what I did list".

Music and silence is what works for me. I like "pray as you go" (google it). Some music, some words, some silence.

My spiritual director is a god-send. Keeps me grounded and centered.

hope these help.
How is Venus doing?

mompriest said...

I lost the ability to meditate, about two years ago. My therapist at the time felt that this was a response to my "outward" focused nature with a job search. About that same time I started blogging. My focus became one of outward focused reflection, verbal meditation. It is a spiritual meditation of sorts...well, it seems I may be able to start meditating again...and blog as well...

revcrystalk said...

about 4-5 days out of the week, i use a wonderful little book that has a morning and evening devotion and prayer--they are short but often it helps me to get settled for prayer. currently, i feel so unsettled and scattered that i need the guidance of someone else.

i used to sit and write, i also did yoga but those haven't "worked" for a while. it's a constant struggle for me. i certainly relate.

peace and blessings--may you find that practice of spiritual discipline that works with you.