Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time on Tuesday.

I find myself today in a lull. Sure, I have things to do. Probably some church growth things to read, visioning to envision, finish those bookmarks for the fall fair, count Sunday School offering, organize a living gift fair for Heifer project for December, make some pastoral calls (in person and via phone and email. it is 2008, you know.)
But all of it is not pressing up against me,
my attention isn't being demanded in this minute,
I have finished up my list for the day, had most of my meetings.
I check my calendar. Nope. nothing scheduled this afternoon. My early evening meeting is cancelled, and I just have Coordinating Council tonight.

I find that I have time.
How strange is this?
No one ever has time.

I sort of feel guilty about having a stash of time on my hands.
I wish I could give it away. My friend Jess could use some of this time.
If there was a way to "bank" time and give it away to people who need it, wouldn't that be great? I would still take the time I needed to be balanced and fulfilled and not overstretched....

but today I am bemused by this few free unscheduled hours.

I have time.
It is GORGEOUS outside.
This weather will soon sink into snow and dark and cold and winter.

I think I will put my time to good use...
and revel in the sunshine
and go for a long walk along the river...
and pray.

I am grateful, for this time.


Anonymous said...

would that you could i would gratefully accept ..

so funny, as i read, i was thinking, 'wow, that sounds delightful' and 'what i wouldn't give' and there was my name .. little ole me .. imagine my surprise and delight

i'll take the thought and stash it in a corner of my cobwebbed little brain . take it out in the middle of a meeting or running to or from or here or there and i'll revel in that little bit of sunshine .

thank you, my dear friend

Anonymous said...

i'm glad that you have some time just to ponder and walk by the river. it sounds lovely.

yes, banking time sounds like a great thing to do. i'd vote for that! ;)

mompriest said...

hope you enjoyed that time...and continue to as well..