Wednesday, June 17, 2009


mama and baby moose
young bull moose and deer (on hike)
elk and more elk babies, though....
grizzly bear (huge guy!)
grizzly mama and two cubs (very far away, but oh so adorable)
bison, bison mamas and many bison babies
black bear (another big boy)
mountain goats and babies
big horn sheep (with big curled horns!!)
osprey nest and family
bald eagle (in tree, looking very, very wild and proud)
many chipmunks
and squirrels
countless hawks
and beautiful birds
still holding out for
wolf and coyotes...


Songbird said...

Oh, beautiful.

mompriest said...

If you want to see coyotes just come hang out at my pool about 5:30 this afternoon...that's when they wake up and begin their nightly hunt with some serious howling!

Otherwise - wow - some really wonderful sightings.

Mary Beth said...

Wow....where ARE you?!