Monday, July 20, 2009

luv me some meffa

o.k., so, yeah,
I live in a neighborhood where the elder italionos slash someone's tires because they don't agree with interracial dating (Rephrehensible)

I live in a neighborhood where people don't pay their water fees

I live in a neighborhood where people think "r" is pronounced "ahhhhhh"

I live in a neighborhood where people who grew up here don't wear bras....

I live in a neighborhood where dogs bahhhhk incessently, fried hair abounds, and watching out for your neighbors is blood. serious. evem if there is no blood in common.


my dear NEENIE aka VEnus, aka grossy sidewalk surfing for smelly and indescribably non-edible but tasty garbage animal remains/refuse treats searching amazing canine took herself on a walk down a very busy street.....

was recovered by young women (16 ish?)plumpish native ( as in oh sweetie, please, bras are good for you...) sweet teenagers who had a sense of...the least of these....

and all I can say is,

oh my. I love mafia accepting, sweet doggie loving community of Boston.

Thank you. yes, thank you, and bless you.


jesswilson said...

LOL .. so glad your baby is back home where she belongs, among the bra wearing set. :)

MumPastor said...

yep, meffa is great. I lived in somahville for a while. It's great too. Buy those girls a tonic, but never a "pop" - they won't know what one is. - from a fellow revgal who grew up near theah.

zorra said...

Yes!! So glad your sweet girl is home.

DogBlogger said...

What jess and zorra said.