Monday, July 20, 2009

Cheesehead in Paradise: Who am I kidding?

Cheesehead in Paradise: Who am I kidding? here's the thing. don't have children...can't believe I haven'...but not gonna happen...but still
the mommy in me
her heart is breaking
with you.

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Anonymous said...

oh, darlin .. if only we all could learn this lesson -

that we don't have to have had the same experiences to FEEL for one another .. the mommy in you, YES .. it's in us, ALL of us ..

the mother, the son, the father, the daughter, the sister, the brother .. it's ll wrapped up in there, isn't it?

and when we find the wisdom and the strength to see it, we can connect with each other - each and every one if us can finally see ourselves in others and others in ourselves.