Monday, August 22, 2005

a cauldron of creation

Today in class we learned about different clay bodies and safety issues in the studio and the nature of the earth's crust and its composition in minerals and rocks and other technical "stuff." Surely, chemistry and tables and math are not my strength, but this is information I want to soak through to some of the layers of the crust of my thinking! What strikes me that within the complexity of the earth's change and shifting and complex geological activities throughout the eons, clay is a simple, common, ABUNDANT product of the intricacies of that constant motion which began as a molten fiery mass. Hmmm. In spite of not taking the welding class, maybe I am playing and creating with fire, in a way. The picture is of a slab pitcher I made at Columbia Teacher's College studio while in NYC, the summer of 1999. It is one of two pieces I saved from that beginning class...and the glaze on it faintly reminds me of the surging of melted earth, a cauldron from which all creation has grown.
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