Friday, August 19, 2005

resting activity

I love being in the company of artists. They simply think differently, and very carefully they express what is visual with words. It is almost sacred conversation, at times. In the design class, we spent about thirty minutes of quiet time, just leafing through art books, looking a paintings and works of art. After the quiet, we gathered around the table to share whatever struck us. One person shared, "look at how the activity and design of this wrought iron gate rests in the space". Activity resting in the space. I thought it was a profound observation--to be able to perceive activity, but the quiet space holding it, anchoring it, making it possible for it to be an active, living piece of art. I wonder if this is what God is like....the space around each of us, the quiet space, the strong space, that allows us to live and breathe and be all of who we are.
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