Friday, August 19, 2005

lines and curves and design

I am also taking a two-dimensional design class. (I might mention here that there is also a welding class for artists that I am not able to take, because of my time constraints, but oh, how I dream to get to create with fire some day, too!) Honestly, I thought I might get a little bored with design, because it sounds a little dry. The first class, however, was wonderful. Emma, the instructor, talked about design as giving artists the tools to solve the problems once creates as an artist. When I think about it, maybe design gives us the tools to ask the questions to create--"What if?" and then find as many ways to answer the questions we pose--"I wonder what would happen if...or if I ...??" In any case, the design class is going to help me see and wonder, which can only be good, I think. I like the way my used clay piled up in a bucket, creating a mountain of shape and lines and curves.
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