Monday, April 23, 2007

temple of the classroom

Temple Mae, Lloyd, Bill McF, Heidi, Mrs. M the pastor's wife, Mr. H the English teacher, and who could forget Tenner III, or the big cheese himself, Pastor M? Oh yes, and then there was that nice couple from Texas and Matt's mom Diane who taught bible study, and Julie..... All of these people were my sunday school teachers and church choir directors, and youth leaders...and there were more, I just can't remember their names or their faces, but there was never ever a year or a day or a week that there wasn't volunteer influencing my life, and the lives of my friends. These people taught VBS in the summer, spent countless Wednesday nights feeding us dinner and trying to get us to sing on key--let alone trying to make us behave. They spent their vacation time to take us on ski trips, and spent weeknights leading small groups, and spent their money to buy us cokes and fries so they could hang out with us. We were bratty, chatty, earnest clueless kids, and they were just adults. But now I know, now I know. They weren't just adults. They were angels and saints dressed up like regular people. They wanted us to experience the taste of the love of God and the presence of community through the church. They wanted that for us, because they simply couldn't keep it from us...they had to share the best news they had. I have never thought about it before today, but I wonder how many 'volunteer hours' have been spent on my spiritual formation. More than I will ever be able to count...this is for sure.

Breathing in, I let this thought settle in me.
Breathing out, I let these thoughts ground me.
Breathing in , I am grateful.
Breathing out, I am moved to action.
Breathing in, thank you.
Breathing out, amen.


Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

On Saturday at our Interfaith workshop, Peter led a meditation for the twenty of us with lots of silence - one period was to think of someone who was a mentor in our spiritual journey. There were many people of course, going right back to early Sunday school days, those volunteers who do ordinary but extraordinary things in relating to children and adults and giving guidance and the right word. Peter was in a Benedictine monastory for ten years and still is a quiet reflective man.

karlassi said...

Yes,in the midst of recruiting volunteers for next
fall and winter, I really was touched in thinking about all of the people
who touched my journey in silent and strong ways. Wow. Benedictine
monastery for 10 years! Very cool.