Thursday, November 06, 2008


You know,
I can't believe I haven't written for a week. I keep putting off writing, as if it were a frivolity, something to do in my spare time (does that exist? for anyone?)
Indeed, life is full.
We live in an urban, sort of blue collar neighborhood...and things have been nuts. There was a dog attack on another small doggie that my beloved got in the middle of, trying to save the dog being attacked. She got pushed down...but was able to save the doggie, who only lived because of her bravery and her generousity when we took the animal hospital for emergency surgery. The people who own the attacking dog are living in substandard conditions. They feel victimized because we filed a police report. (what?)Our neighbor across the street thinks we should have settled this "peaceabley" rather than file a report. (What?) She says our neighbors feel really bad, but love their dog, which is a really nice animal (what?). Oh, and did I mention that no one from the attack dog house ever came over to see if my beloved was o.k., or called the owner of the little doggie that was torn to shreds, with broken ribs, injured kidneys, bruises every where and punctured lungs? (How neighborly is that?) Not to mention the owner of the injured doggie, well, has a big heart, but is not the greatest of social skills and so she is wreaking havoc, although we just try to encourage everyone to drop it. We aren't asking a dime from anyone. We do feel obligated to report the vicious attack--because there could be quite possibly a next time. We would prefer (and we are animal lovers extroadinaire) that the dog be put down, because my beloved doesn't feel safe living two doors down from a vicious animal that was clearly out to kill, for no reason. But we aren't demanding that, and the animal officer won't do that. He will just write it up. We are fine with that.
We would feel more like neighbors if one of the three adults in the house with the vicious dog would at least leave a note, make a phone call, stop by, and say something like "we are so sorry this happened, are you o.k.?" or "how are you doing?" or some sort of acknowledgement. Sounds decent, doesn't it?
Our neighbor across the street feels like we are over-reacting, basically.
And these, dear readers, all three of you, are the Days Of My Life.


"PS" (a.k.a. purple) said...

I have seen my share of dog's being attacked by vicious dogs. Not many would do what beloved did...break up the fight...and take the dog to the animal ER. Hope beloved is OK.

Anonymous said...

we'll keep beloved in our prayers--what a hero!

i'm sorry that they have failed to acknowledge anything. i'm with you--that seems the very least they could do.

sorry that you've had some crummy days of late!

1-4 Grace said...

So very good and brave of Beloved to step in and intervene.
So sad that others are being mean, particualrly the one with the vicious dog.
And thus the whole situation is a very good parable for life these days in our nation and world.
1. There are some big dogs who are mean and wreck havoc by wronging others
2. There are good souls who step in and try to help thsoe who are beat up by life in genreal
3. The other parties aree unwiling to admit wrongs, recognize the need to communicate, or offer reconcillation.

karlajean said...

I-4 grace--wow. That is a great parable--will share with Beloved.
She is fine, btw, and Chubby the doggie is recovering but sore.

Anonymous said...

so since three people already responded, should i just move on?

oh dear, the dog's name is really chubby? really? oh dear

mompriest said...

karlajean....I have lived through this very thing....only I was a witness. It was in seminary and one big dog, leashed, went after a small dog - just broke away from the owner and got the dog! It was tragic....but different people and different reactions...yours is just sad...people have such an ability to let their shame become masked by a "self-righteous indignation" sorry, but glad all is well with the dog and beloved...