Sunday, November 16, 2008

Supplication (Concerning the Parable of Talents)

In this blustery windy morning,
In a world where nothing seems sure anymore
We gather together,
In our worry, in our questions, in our shaky hope.
Lasting, faithful God,
Where it seems like the options are limited,
Where life seems either/or
Where there are those—us?--who don’t care off whose back their security is gained,
Where there are those—us?—who simply hide and hoard all of who we are in fear
Because there is so much potential for harshness, cruelty, uncontrollable outcomes.
We cry out to you.
Help us, we pray
To imagine other possibilities,
To dare to risk something other than what has always been done before.
Take the energy around our fear, and transform it into power that leads, that loves, that risks, that knows You are with Us.
Use our lives, our faith communities, to be the economy of Good News,
Another way to live in this world that respects all life,
and where all life is lived to fullness in You.

(photo from, used without permission, yikes!)


Purple said...

Rich words which paint a powerful picture.

Crimson Rambler said...

may I say I'm glad to meet another Pal who says "oofdah" -- some of my favorite people do too!

mompriest said...