Sunday, November 30, 2008


This has been, in a word, a happy week.
When I am happy, rested, content,
I tend to smile a lot. Without really being conscious of it.
What has been fun this week,
is the surprise of returned smiles.
I have had so many people smile at me--returning my content has been so sweet.
and dear.
and lovely.


Mary Beth said...

THank you for this! so glad to read it.

Purple said...

I think the zen timers would make you smile also. They use a gentle chiming mechanism. I have seen them in alarm clocks and door chimes. Most can be set to a particular time...useful for meditation. Just google zen timer time or zen chime...there are many places that sell them.

mompriest said...

yay you! glad you had this week...

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

I think a smile is really infectious. It's like the line of a chant or song that gets people humming and the chant becomes like a fugue in the city.
By the way I came across a little reference that might interest you - from the Seekers Church website - someone has written a book about pottery and likens it to steps in the spiritual life.

revcrystalk said...

wonderful! it's great to read such a sweet post!