Thursday, November 13, 2008


This morning I...
- ordered some yummy books from Amazon...including The Green Bible, how cool is that?
-penned our weekly e-newsletter
-am still in my pajamas at 11:04 AM
-but got up at 7!
-But am working on administrivia
-am considering going to my alma mater seminary for inauguration of the new president.
-am considering going to the RevGalBlogPal Big Event.
-am thinking about the future.
-cooked dogfood
-should clean the kitchen, take my shower, get on in to the oficina
-can't believe I don't have a meeting scheduled for all day.
-am thinking about lunch since is is now 11:04
-excited about vacation in two weeks.
-am looking at two chipped nails that I can either paint over, or remove all paint from all nails. hmmmm. which will take less time since I really need to get in gear?
-am thinking about these clogs but know they would be a crazy purchase.
-am thinking my shoe wardrobe should contain more than clogs, but I like them.
-am listening to Venus bark b/c she wants to be let back in. I am on the third floor.
-am wondering why my thoughts are so random and not so deep...
-am grateful. I feel good today.
-am grateful. for health, for ministry, for love, for challenges...even for procrastination in moderation.

Can she just wait? Like two more minutes? Venus! Be patient!


Anonymous said...

love your list--you've been more productive than i. i had a dr's visit that took way too long and am still grumpy about it. i did grab a salad at Chipotle (yum!) and did a little self-indulgence shopping.

now i'm waiting in my study and finding it absolutely impossible to work! i just want to go home, cuddle under a warm blanket and watch Grey's Anatomy!

i'm a bad pastor girl today!

ps...go, go, go, go, go to the Big Event! You could even bring Beloved!

mompriest said...

yes...come to the BE will be fun...bring beloved...

Purple said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I love the clogs...thanks for the website. I used to tease my sister about the number of shoes she has...I might need to stop.