Thursday, April 23, 2009

dreams snippets...

from last night:

*cooking with my dogs in a great kitchen....

*taking care of a dog named Oscar who pooped in his sleep because he was nervous for his job interview today. I told him it was o.k.

*seeing my twin sister call me and tell me our oldest sister died.

*trying to change my flights but realizing I on a layover and I don't really know where exactly I am.

*riding in a Archie comics-style convertible jalopy, trying to find out what happened to my sister.

Real Life Thought Snippets
*Really want some new shoes. Not for any occasion. Just spring fever.

*So tired again today. WHY??? Maybe it's all that shredding.

*If I could choose my accent, it would definitely be Texan.

* Wish I didn't have a meeting tonight.

*Wondering if anyone will come to church on Sunday for our inaugural "What if Everybody Came Sunday"

*Can't wait for real warm weather.

*Wondering if I really need to drive home and back to let the cat in and close the back door that is open.

*Maybe I need to invest in hand weights for shredding.

*Thinking about wearing dresses and skirts again. For no specific reason, I stopped.

*Really got to find some focus. Maybe I will go visit my favorite 95 year old.

Thank God that God loves me even when I am scattered like this!


mompriest said...

I think you are tired from all those time to rest in your sleep!

I too want new shoes - and I want to wear dresses and skirts more - am thinking I will stop in at the local clothing consignment shop that gives its proceeds to the battered women's shelter - buying clothes there is helping a good cause and, well, who can refuse that?

oh, and I am doing a really great job pretending that I don't have to write and preach a sermon on Sunday....just sayin...

God_Guurrlll said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who has weird dreams.

Peace and love,

Songbird said...

My sermon is non-existent thus far, but my dreams are almost as interesting as yours! And I wore a dress without pantyhose today for the first time since early fall, felt great!

revhipchick said...

i love how you were so kind to the poop-in-sleep dog because he was worried about a job interview! you are very kind!

i have been exhausted ever since i returned home. i totally get that and i do not have a sermon either. i guess it takes a while to get back in the swing of things.;) fyi...i'd love to go whale watching with you! you are welcome to join our rafting trip too!

mompriest said...

the brain is divided into three sections: the limbic, the something else I can't recall, and the neo-cortex. The limbic is the primitive brain, reactive, reptilian. The something else is relational but also reactive. The neo-cortex is reflective, thinking, responsive, spiritual.

I've been functioning much more from my limbic self and much less from my neo-cortex...which may be resonable giving that a cross country move can bring out one's need to be "defensive" as one learns to live in a new place where the "dangers" are still unknown....

karlajean said...

aha. makes sense, Mompriest. Thanks for the clarification. I am going to chew on that.

zorra said...

Poor Oscar! What a kind dog mama you are, even in your sleep.

I wanted to tell you that I took my dove to work to put on my desk, and it was greatly admired. One of my coworkers said, "You have such creative friends!"

Oh, and I actually bought some new flipflops and ballet flats...then had buyer's remorse, but they are very cute.