Monday, April 06, 2009

how can this be?

In Massachusetts,
if you are a gay or lesbian couple that are willing and able to be foster parents,
DSS has a whole set of extra questions beyond what they ask het couples.
Isn't that discrimination? Promulgation of the myth that even when we GLBT folk are in loving relationships, that somehow our sexual practices are still wrong, taboo, warped, whatever?
Somehow, that doesn't sound legal, does it?

I know this, because I have a friend in a same sex marriage who will be fostering her niece and nephew--DSS is involved because the parent of the child is charged with neglect. and emotional abuse.


God_Guurrlll said...

This is so wrong. They should have the same questions for all couples.

Songbird said...

They really have extra questions? I find that appalling.

mompriest said...

That's just wrong...totally...

karlajean said...

o.k., so I learned that this is illegal. the thing that bites, though, is that those in this process don't want to rock the boat until everything is set, and safe for the children. can't go after off those in power......or they might punish the children.

shame on DSS.

Processing Counselor said...