Tuesday, April 21, 2009


after getting Sunday's bulletin together, and catching up on some email, and besides cleaning the kitchen and getting Shredded (thanks to another revgal who blogged about this--Cheesehead!) I have pretty much been useless today.
I spent the past hour (I kid you not, and if you are a member of my church and reading this, please know that I am usually OVER productive....) shopping for shoes on Amazon AFTER I looked for a few important resources that I learned about over the BE2 weekend. (I just put them in my cart, but didn't press "pay")

I do have plenty to do...
I guess re-entry is a little harder than I expected--especially since it is school vacation week and it is like an empty tomb around here. No one is here, 'cept me and Chester (not real name) the person who comes from the cleaning service. AT my office, not home. (sigh.)

The day is rainy and grey...and I miss the brilliance and warmth of the desert.

O.k.--I read this on a local blog in the community newspaper. She talked about how juicy npr reporter's name are--Sylvia Pojolli, Mandolita Barcos, Lakshmi Singh...and so she came up with a formula to make up your own.
First, take the first initial of your middle name and insert it anywhere in your first name.
For your last name, use the smallest city you have visited in a country besides your home country.

I figured the smallest cities I ever visited were in Scandanavia, but I couldn't remember which ones they were. In any case, I came up with
"Kjarla Lillesand"
Pretty good name, huh?

Oh, and a gratitude. This morning, my step-father had surgery this morning on his back to relieve sciatic pain that has rendered him virtually housebound since last fall. I am happy to report that the surgeon proclaimed the surgery a wonderful success and that my step-father would be all fixed up now! Thank you God!

Back to Sunday School attendance lists, three weeks late. oy!


Songbird said...

Glad to hear your good family news!
I'll have to think about that NPR name.

DogBlogger said...

My NPR name stinks. Yours, I like!

RevDrKate said...

Doing the slow burn on re-entry as well....and I have the day job and Sunday sermon I should be writing in any free time I have....but am I doing these things? Nope. I am instead posting pics and reading blogs and becoming NPR's latest reporter....Katae Morelos!

God_Guurrlll said...

Glad to hear the family is doing well.

My NPR name, not so well.

Peace and love,

cheesehead said...

How are you liking the SHRED? Are you thinking about it in all caps? :)

I'm finally at day 9 of phase 1 and it is getting...well...I won't say easier, but not so hard.