Friday, April 24, 2009

my own little preacher party

when I preach, I try to participate in the RevGalBlogPal's preacher party.
thing is,
my goal is to finish today, because tomorrow is a. supposed to be glorious, and b. we have great seats at the 4:00 Sox game, against the Yankees.
I love afternoon games.

However, I am only 233 words in...and want to finish, at least the first draft, by 5:00. It is now 3:30. I believe this is doable. If I would quit checking my email and facebook and stuff.

I am working with the lectionary text from Luke and then one verse on the Great Commission. It is What if Everybody Came Sunday--I am cracking up here, because I feel certain that we may have lower attendance than usual! I have had a lot of emails from folks saying, "we are so sorry, we can't come, we hate to miss it..."
I am also cracking myself up here because I don't really have anything special planned except I got a really yummy nummmy cake from a real bakery--not Costco!

My title is "Why does it Matter?" and basically I am asking all of us, myself included, "why does church matter? why does God matter to you? why does being a Christian matter?" I think it is important that we ask ourselves these questions...especially when we get too comfortable. so, basically, I am going to testify tomorrow....and see what happens.

off to get another diet coke from downstairs, and back at it.

what are you doing right now? procrastinating anything...or enjoying some glorious weather????


karlajean said...

I will answer myself. word count. 373. time. 4:03. Just returned from a sunbath on the deck with doggies.
Do dogs get sunburned?

karlajean said...

831 words. 4:57 pm. In good shape, actually. Have to make it make sense now in about 300-350 words.

karlajean said...

1237 words. 5:15. have to bring it home, and then edit.
Having stuff to slash is better than not having enough to say.
Off to clean the kitchen--I earned it!

Songbird said...

Hey, it's 5:21. Good for you!

mompriest said...

so jealous...I have a few pages of notes...a sentence I am toying with, "the Author of your life"...and way too much to do this weekend - a funeral tomorrow and Oh, gee, I said I'd lead the book discussion on Daughters of Miriam - volunteering to do that was SOOO the cold talkin'.....sigh...well, anyway, now you get to enjoy the game tomorrow - YAY you!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Karla do you read your sermons, or just go for it - having the paper handy just in case? I was talking to an elderly poet kind of guy the other day - who sometimes preaches. He said he writes it out, then leaves it alone, just talks to the people. Our guy, Richard, doesn't use any notes at all. Mulls over the text during the week. On Sunday, he just lets it happen and it's often very fine.

revhipchick said...

way to go karla!

i didn't do my normal sermon prep so i'm in a bit of a pinch. hate it when that happens!

it is freezing here today, i don't know where Spring went.

i'm going to throw on sweats and go rent Frost/Nixon. that should be inspirational right?

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello again Karla.
Yeah, a good idea to have a paper copy - or at last on file. One day you might publish them all as a book! Also, if you give handouts, the people can mull over the lines that stand out for them.
And... are you teaching, or inspiring them? Bit of both I expect.