Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday Five Five Things Before Christmas edition

This is what I hope Santa will bring me for Christmas. It is a "wovel"

Songbird made Friday Five quite easy today.
Five things you need to get done before Christmas.

hmm. I was just thinking of the five things I need to do in the next hour! But let me think more expansively...

1. Order and pick up pasta dishes at Comella's for beloved's staff party she is hosting on Monday. Also, go to Trader Joe's and get easy appetizers, clean house, make dessert, decorate house, get stuff like wine, soda, teas, etc. You get it.

2. Learn the story I will tell on Christmas Eve.

3. Restock pantry for guests coming on Christmas Day (just two)

4. Enjoy the snow storm that is a'coming

5. I am sure there is more, but strangely, the bulletins are all finished for the 28th and the 4th of January, sermon titles/topic in the hopper, and frankly, I am not really stressed. At all.


Songbird said...

I'm way ahead on bulletins, too, and boy am I glad!!! Enjoy the party, guests and, oh yes, worship!

RevDrKate said...

Never mind Christmas...I want to know more about the wovel!

mompriest said...

If I can just get the sermons written, even in draft form for this Sunday, Christmas Eve/Day and the Sunday after, I will be in good shape and can plan on relaxing with my family....

glad you are not stressed, that's great!

Processing Counselor said...

Number 1 would stress me and is stress me as that's what I still have to do!