Wednesday, December 24, 2008

lefse--or norwegian burritos?

Lefse is a norwegian potato bread that sort of looks like a soft tortilla. You spread butter on it and brown sugar and roll it up and eat it. My mother has made this every christmas every year of my life and beyond--and she has probably eaten it every holiday season of her life. So, I thought it time for me to start learning. It requires all sorts of special baking items like a pastry board, lefse stick, lefse griddle, rolling pin with a stocking. I have never really been a pastry maker.

A good lefse is very thin, and round.

As you can see from the pictures, uhhhh, well, my first try wasn't exactly round or thin....

Lefse balls

Pastry board and rolling pin, without its little sock.

The griddle and lefse turning stick, ready for action!

Final six. Then the electrical element died. Now, what I am going to do with all those left over balls of dough?


Purple said...

I've always wondered what lefse looked like...and know I know. It actually sounds good.

May the peace of the still of the night be your this evening. Merry Christmas.

mompriest said...

They sound all art-forms this one too will take practice....still I bet they taste wonderful regardless of the roundness or the thinness...

Processing Counselor said...

Sounds delicious. If I were there I would rewire the grill for you... My mother used to take left over pie crust and make little cookies with butter and brown sugar. I'm sure the dough is different.

jess said...

lightly deep fry em? they look YUMMY

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Hello Karla,
It looks like a similar process to making (Indian) roti. My efforts used to look like a map of Ausralia with Tasmania attached until some children in an orphanage showed me how to do it - though I make square ones and never got the hang of round ones.

Happy holiday - now that Christmas Day is over. We had a bonzer time with relatives.