Sunday, December 28, 2008


you know when you have a Sunday where you do pretty much everything right,
but it all felt flat?
that could sum up today for me.
the liminal space felt like a huge chasm.
yes, it was a low attendance Sunday, so some of the community energy wasn't there.
the best part was coffee hour, getting to chat with some people I don't usually get to connect with.
oh well.
this happens.
and in spite of me, it was still worship,
and God was with indeed with us. I know this, because God shows up, even when we don't feel God.


mompriest said...

yeah, I do know exactly what you mean....but thankfully the Holy Spirit comes no matter what....even when we are unaware of her being there....sigh...

Jan Richardson said...

Just wanted to swing by and say Merry Christmas, and thank you for your blog. I'm grateful that the Spirit shows up even when I don't feel it...and that God loves the chasms and liminal spaces, and does amazing things in those places. Blessings to you, and a wondrous new year!

jess said...

oh, sweetness ... that's likely when He's really there the most, beckoning us to see .. to find him in the stillness

i'm sorry we weren't there

1-4 Grace said...

I hear you so well. I felt the same yesterday, it just wasn't happening at all.
It happens, but regardless God works in spite of us and the HS is always there

turtledoves and tofu said...

I bet it was better for them than for you :)

Thanks for your welcome! I'm so flattered!