Friday, December 12, 2008

Over at RGBP,
Sophia writes:

This Friday Five is inspired by my husband's Lasik surgery yesterday....He'd been contemplating it for a while and was pushed over the edge by the fact that we put too much money in our healthcare spending account this year and it would have been gone anyway. (There was only enough for one eye, but the kind people at the eye clinic figured out a way to divvy up the charges between surgery and followup in January=next year's spending account). So please say a little prayer for his safe recovery and share with us your thoughts on eyes and vision.

1. What color are your beautiful eyes? Did you inherit them from or pass them on to anyone in your family?
My eyes are blue. Norwegian blue. Got'em from the family heritage.

2. What color eyes would you choose if you could change them?
Big dark brown eyes with little hazel flecks. (a girl can dream, right?)

3. Do you wear glasses or contacts? What kind? Like 'em or hate 'em?
I used to wear both. Contacts usually irritated my eyes, and I liked glasses, but had such coke-bottles that when I didn't have glasses on, I could see nothing. My first pair were in 4th grade. Now I wear reading glasses. But that is the bonus of being 45, right?

4. Ever had or contemplated laser surgery? Were you happy with the results?
Yes, yes, and yes. However, I have to say, I had to have it twice--a follow-up correction. The first time was cool, the second time I was a little nervous. But oh, oh, oh, how wonderful to SEE!!!!
5. Do you like to look people in the eye, or are you more eye-shy? Definitely look people in the eye. Eyes are the window to the soul, right?

Bonus question: Share a poem, song, or prayer that relates to eyes and seeing.

"No object is mysterious--the mystery is your eye" --Elizabeth Bowen

"I shut my eyes in order to see" --Paul Ganguin


Auntie Knickers said...

Great play! I had wondered if my presbyopia would cancel out the myopia, but no such luck.

Mrs. M said...

There are SO MANY fun reading glasses out there!

Hot Cup Lutheran said...

" i shut my eyes in order to see"... how very true

Purple said...

So glad the surgery worked for you. Sight is such a gift. Lovely quotes to ponder.

SpiritMists said...

I love the quote you selected! Shutting our eyes to see, indeed...very apt for this time of year.

Sophia said...

So glad the surgery worked for you too--you're the first so far.

Processing Counselor said...

I loved your quotes. I also loved the comment you left over at my place. Unfortunately I deleted it while trying to moderate it on my iphone. Should have been wearing my glasses!