Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's been a year...

We miss you.
We are so sad today, remembering how we didn't know the depth of your pain and desolation...
You were so beloved, and continue to live in our hearts.
We celebrate you,
with Aric special coffees (what a jolt of caffeine, whew!)
and your music,
and with yellow flowers,
with your sweet friends, who adored you.
We remember you as we flip through photos, and search for You-tube videos of you on the internet (by the way, I came across some poety by someone with your exact name--did one of your friends post these? where is the notebook? jus'thinking that if you could send a sign or somethin' somethin' to confirm whether or not those are yours...)
Anyway, it doesn't matter.
You were a light, a joy, and so much more.
You are missed..
but we know you are free...
and that you know now, how deep and wide you were loved.
Rest well, dear nephew, rest well.


Purple said...

Writing like one of the reasons I "awarded" you over at my place.

mompriest said...

oh gosh...yeah, many prayers of thanksgiving for a life that was and, well, some way...