Friday, January 23, 2009

off to the races

well, not really.
just off to the gagillion things to get done today.

But, just had to tell an urban wild story. Yesterday, a guy like this one took exactly one hour to kill, pluck, and eat an entire sparrow in my pristine snow covered back yard. Now it is full of tiny feathers.

(picture totally not used with permission, a google result.)


mompriest said...

ewww...I get Coopers Hawks looking for a meal in my back yard - but usually, if the bird finds a meal there, (and they usually do, since I have a ton of birds at the feeders) they fly off with it and I don't have to experience the remains...sorry about your yard and those feathers....sigh.

mompriest said...

hey...and boo hoo, I just read your google mail - unable to attend the BE can this be?!?