Saturday, January 17, 2009

note to self.

when playing Friday Five late, one should read other's plays before playing.
let me offer one or two less superficial things you should know about me:

1. I can't hold a conflict or issue that needs to be resolved very long in my heart.
I have a deep need to not harbor resentment, or misunderstanding. It's about peacemaking.

2. I am incredibly adaptable and flexible. For example, if a child in my Sunday School want to move up to the next age level because her friends are in that class--I say "go for it!". If I make a plan, and someone know, maybe we should add this or subtract that, its great. If I walk into a room, and it isn't what I expect, I go with the flow.

3. I love to collaborate. Love, love, love it. Really collaborate. That being said, at times I can be a tiny bit type a--you know what I mean--a sort of "it's easier to do it myself and get it done..." I am better at this than I used to be...but it creeps up.

4. It should be no surprise that I have a deep passion for the non-human world. I think that the veil between me and trees and plants and animals--wild and domestic--is fairly thin. I am no dog whisperer or Jack Hanna--but my heart hurts when I see a tree cut down for no reason, or possums in the back yard because their habitat has shrunk.

5.If I could be a rock star for a day, I always thought I would want to be Madonna. Now, I would rather be Beyonce.


mompriest said...

I like to think of myself as the kind of collaborator you describe - but this experience here would indicate otherwise...sigh...

anyway, thanks for playing and sharing!

Anonymous said...

beautiful play!

i could learn a lot about letting go/harboring resentment.

Beyonce? Really? ;)

Purple said...

Both plays were great. I am a peacemaker so I totally get #1

karlajean said...

totally Beyonce!